Limousin Spas -
Water Safety
Safe and Clean
Our  trained staff are on hand to advise you of the best way to keep your spa and pool water hygienic and to avoid problems that can quickly have a detrimental effect on machinery if not carefully treated. Effective sanitization of your water is essential and there are a wide range of products available to suit your individual circumstances. 
Hot tub chemicals must be used to kill bacteria and keep hot tub water safe. Natural products can help, but cannot be safely used without chemical backup.
Water Balancing
Water balancing (adjusting the Total Alkalinity and pH of the water) is easy and very important when using some hot tub sanitizers, particularly chlorine. It ensure that the sanitizer works efficiently and equipment is not damaged.
Shock & Clarifiers
The importance of regularly shocking hot tub water cannot be overstated. A hot tub shock removes non-filterable contaminants and improves the water clarity, resulting in a much improved bathing experience.
Chemical Dispensers
Floating chemical dispensers are suitable for the slow release of 1″ spa chlorine or bromine tablets. Spa chemical dispensers can be adjusted and topped up regularly to continually maintain the desired level of sanitizer in the hot tub.
Ozone is a powerful oxidizer of contaminants in water. Ozonators provide an additional level of hot tub water disinfection and reduce the amount of chemicals needed. Ozonators can be easily retro-fitted to most hot tubs.
Starter Kits
If you are new to hot tub or inflatable spa ownership you’ll find what you need to start you off here. You can choose from traditional chlorine or a range of non-chlorine alternatives.
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